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Digital Editor, Gryphon alumni, English and Philosophy graduate. Film fanatic, intersectional feminist, currently freelancing.

Ghostbusters: Calling Hollywood out – The Gryphon

The first trailer for Paul Feig’s all-female Ghostbusters arrived last week, and was seemingly met by a wave of derision from fans of the original. They were shocked that this new take on the story – one which is only described as ‘four scientists saved New York’ – actually wants to be a different film, and not just a rehash of the original. Perhaps most noticeably though, this reaction came from male fans of the original. I‘ve watched reaction trailers, and some of the guys haven‘t even let th

Let's Talk About What Women Wear

Normally, I'd never dare broach this subject. Women can wear what they want to wear, and that's literally none of my business. But recently I came across a Little Mix interview on The One Show where they were questioned about their choice of attire when they performed 'Shout Out to My Ex' on The X Factor. Specifically, what their Mums thought of their outfits, and if they had chosen the outfits themselves. The answer was of course that it was them who had chosen to wear them, and their Mums are

It Seems That White People Still Think We Are A Priority

White people voted in the EU referendum and the Presidential Election. I'm sure you were aware of that, but it's an important thing to acknowledge because it was white people's voices who were heard the loudest throughout both of these elections. In fact, it's the thing that brings the two together the most; they were two very different elections, but they both heard one loud voice shouting no. As a group we voted for many, many complex reasons, but it's hard to argue that a worry over immigrat

US Election 2016: What The Hell Is Happening?

Surprisingly, this isn’t a throw-your-hands-up-at-the-state-of-the-world question regarding a certain toupéed individual; it’s a genuine question for anyone who wants to understand more about the US Presidential Election on November 8th. UK politics can be confusing enough (what even is the House of Lords?), so trying to figure out a whole other country’s system is a bit of a task. But for you lovely people, I have done ten minutes of research to bring you an easy guide to this terrifying electi

There's no use having Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad if you can't do it right

It’s no revelation to say that Hollywood is sexist. But it really has been remarkable to hear discussions about female superheroes in 2016 – or, more accurately, their love interests. When Chris Pine came to talk to Jimmy Kimmel about his role as Steve Trevor in the upcoming Wonder Woman film at the beginning of the year, Kimmel just couldn’t get his head around the whole thing. His first remark was: “You’re playing Wonder Woman?” Sure, it was a comment played for laughs, but it was still telli

Vote Swap is a good way for us to play the system | The Gryphon

In an ideal world, we’d like to put forward a vote for the party that we’d like to see win the election. In an ideal world, our vote would always count. Unfortunately, we live in a world of the First Past the Post system, and neither of those two options are viable, as much as we’d like to think they are. In this system, we have to play the game the best we can, and if you’re left-wing (like most students), Vote Swap appears to be a pretty good way to play it. This works on the basis that the p

Let’s #askhermore | The Gryphon

Another season of awards, red carpets and cringeworthy acceptance speeches has come to a close, following the pattern of the hundreds of awards ceremonies before it but with one noticeable difference: women have decided enough is enough. For a long time, women have been treated as the face of the film they’re promoting and men have been treated as the brains, and not just on the red carpet. On Q&A panels and one to one interviews, women are asked questions such as ‘What was your workout regime?

Absurdist comedian Tony Law talks about Never Mind the Buzzcocks, music and unitards

I’ve been waiting for Canadian comedian Tony Law to call for around twenty minutes now. He’s had a whole day of interviews and it’s not surprising if he’s running a little late. Known for his style of comedy often described as ‘surrealist,’ the idea of him having a slightly chaotic day of speaking to journalists seems appropriate. ‘I don’t know about surrealist comedy,’ he says when I get hold of him. In keeping with this seemingly chaotic style, he’s in a taxi on the way to Manchester train

Inside Llewyn Davis – bleak but hugely enjoyable

Here is the Coen brothers’ first film since the 2010 remake of True Grit, and perhaps again that title would be appropriate. There is an almost bleary, ghostly hue to the screen throughout the duration of the film, the lighting ever so slightly blurring the image. It never comes completely into focus, which is certainly represented in the way the titular Llewyn Davis (Oscar Isaac) lives his life. This is 1960s New York, Greenwich Village, and a Welsh-named, Hispanic looking Llewyn moves from so

The Marvel Cinematic Universe – First Of Its Kind?

I feel genuinely privileged to be witness to what is occurring in cinemas today – I missed the original Star Wars trilogy and the Godfather, being in negative digits when they occurred, so I’m damn well going to enjoy this: ‘this’ being the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even its name suggests enormity – it’s no longer a direct adaptation of the comics, but an entity unto itself; things that are in the comics are different in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Has there really been anything like it befo